Life of Cole

Living the Lives We’re Supposed to…

Despite Mental Health

My Mission:

There are two different kinds of stigma, the kind that society puts on mental health, and the kind that people with mental health problems put on themselves. Society seems to be very afraid of mental health and the people that have mental health problems; making them out to be weird, weak, crazy, and even dangerous. This is obvious. Everybody already knows the societal stigma, but you’d be surprised to hear that there is actually a stigma within ourselves too: that we cannot be happy like everybody else. This is NOT true! Every. Single. Person. Deserves and is capable of being happy, whether you believe it or not. This blog’s purpose is to destroy the both of these stigmas so each and every person can live the life that they were supposed to, despite mental health.

Thoughts on Therapy

Isn’t weird how the people who have never been to therapy seem to have the loudest opinions about it? “Therapy is for the weak.” “Therapy is just an excuse to complain to somebody.” “Therapy is a waste of time and money.” “Therapy is for soft people who don’t know how to handle things on theirContinue reading “Thoughts on Therapy”

What Mental Asylums are Like

Everything I have seen about mental asylums has made these facilities, and the people inside of them, look dark and dangerous. I think the stigma around mental asylums is extremely exaggerated by the media around us, which leads us believe that they are only for tremendously unstable/crazy people, and if we go to one, weContinue reading “What Mental Asylums are Like”

My Life Story

If you’re anything like me, you are very skeptical about bloggers, youtubers, and, well, anybody when they say that they know what you’re going through when you mention you struggle with mental health. You’re constantly looking for somebody to relate to, but then end up finding these seemingly perfect people with problems that are smallerContinue reading “My Life Story”

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